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Bond your assets and earn instantly Boosted YZ tokens the heart of Yieldz ecosystem!

Real-Yield distribution

Sustainable yielding system based on an amplified economic model to provide steady and reliable income for the community.


Stake your boosted Yieldz tokens and earn sustainable double CORE + SHDW rewards from the same staking pool voted by Yieldz DAO.
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Real - Yield Ecosystem focusing
on long-term sustainability

Our mission is to provide a sustainable system and
bringing predictabe and long-term yield mechanisms for Defi investors.

Zero emission yield generating solutions

Yieldz is a multifaceted Ecosystem and innovative Stablecoin and Ethereum farming protocol. Our system include incorporating non-stable and stable multi assets pools which will be distributed as multi-rewards.

Yieldz Ecosystem Overview

Yieldz Protocol uses an internally developed multi-level economic model to avoid inflation and emissions.

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Take your first step
into the new vision of stable rewards!

Our system is a mutli-layer reward based optimisied economic model that uses the fees generated by the protocol in the most optimal way. Paying out the generated protocol fess to stakers through an ecosystem booster token(bYZ), which prevents inflation and distribute the rewards through a multi rewarding CORE + SHDW pool in connection with incorporate features, like governance system that allows bYZ holders to decide on important questions of the platform.

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Yieldz is a unique economic model based real - yield system. Using the genereated protocol fees and income flows on the most optimised ways. Benefiting the ecosystem contributors with multi staking rewards governed by the Yieldz DAO.

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